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Alternate universe House, MD fanfiction
Welcome to housefic_au!

Have you ever thought "Hey, I'd really like to write the cast of House, MD in a situation where Cuddy is an 8-year-old Chase's babysitter!" but feared mockery and accusations of insanity? Have you ever wished someone would write a story where House and Foreman are the rulers of rival kingdoms in 12th century Europe, but couldn't find anyone who didn't run in the opposite direction when you brought it up?

Well, we have, and we figured there had to be others in our predicament.

Sure, we all love canon, that's why we watch the show. But there comes a time when all the canon-fitting ideas have been exhausted, and you're still looking for more. Alternate universes are the refuge of the bored. Join us, we're delightfully mad.

All pairings and characters are welcome. Crossovers are great, too, as they're AU by nature, but what we'd really love to see is something completely bizarre. Surprise us! Surprise yourself!

Challenge #1 is now up! Details are here and signups are over here.

There are only a few rules:

  • Be nice. Constructive criticism is great; flaming, on the other hand, is grounds for banning. If someone is flaming your fic in this community and nothing is being done, contact one of your three sexy mods. We're very nice, don't be shy.

  • Use common sense with your fic headers. Appropriate ratings are a must; explicit sexual content should be marked as 'NC-17' or 'Adult'. With regard to warnings: When in doubt, warn. If it seems twisted or out of the ordinary (and we'd be very disappointed if you're all writing such tame AUs that none of them need warnings), put a note in the header about it.

  • Don't advertise any community that isn't related to House, MD. Seriously, you can try, but one of our mods is bound to be online at almost any given time of the day, and your post will be deleted pretty fast. In addition, DO NOT advertise non-LiveJournal forums or blogs without permission from a mod. Breaking the latter rule will result in immediate banning. I hate to impose this kind of rule, but this is coming from someone who is just getting fed up with the endless spam on her friends page of late.

  • Perhaps the most important rule, though it might be difficult to enforce, is don't take things too seriously. This is alternate universe fic writing, if you take it seriously you might literally lose your mind. Just have fun, and let everyone else have their fun too. :)

The mods can be contacted at housefic.au /AT/ gmail /DOT/ com.