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Alternate Universe House, MD Fanfiction
Title: A Penny for your Thoughts, A Quarter for your Realities… 
25th-Mar-2009 11:18 pm
steampunk h/w

Title: A Penny for your Thoughts, A Quarter for your Realities
Author: bishojo_kitsune 
Rating: PG-13 (because I apparently can't write above that.)
Prompt: "House begins to lose the ability to discern between fantasy and reality."
Warning: This fic is something of the crack variety. Various pairings, House/Cuddy, House/Wilson, House/Wyatt (ish)
Summary: A plot-bunny sample tray disguised as a fic.
Beta: srsly_yes 
Word Count: 3575
Notes: WARNING! Do not attempt to adjust your browser. Do not attempt to get your eyes checked. All efforts will be futile and vain as there is nothing wrong with your perception and oculars (that we could be responsible for). What you may see may not make sense, it may not have meaning. You have been warned. What you are about to see is a journal. A journal which contains a journey. A journey of the mind in the dimension known only as House's Head.

Remember to make the most of the reality that you're in.
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